" ...Anyway, I loved the food.  It is so delicious AND it's unique in the sense that it is the only Indian restaurant in Wisconsin that does not offer a buffet.  Fancy pants!  Sonu says that's because some dishes don't taste the same after sitting on a buffet for an hour.  
.... I was so amazed by the food and the folks.  You gotta stop by!  Even Sonu took the time to let me interview him on his birthday!  What a nice couple. "

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"The kitchen is a spectacle of colorful spices and savory aromas. And in the dining room, many regulars from surrounding businesses enjoy lunch, while families from all around come in for dinner. Dhaba’s score is an impressive 4.5 stars, with reviewers calling it a “hidden gem” and “the best Indian food in Madison.” While it’s not technically in the City of Madison, the comment is a testament to how much people are enjoying all Dhaba has to offer. "

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" I am not going to claim to be an expert on Indian food but I do really enjoy it. I love everything from the standard chicken tikka masala and samosas to less traditional options like my favorite dish, malai kofta. I have reviewed a couple other Indian restaurants in the Madison area, but Dhaba is by fay my favorite. It opened in 2012, and doesn’t offer a buffet. When I first went I was disappointed they didn’t a buffet, but now I love it. The food you get at an Indian restaurant that isn’t off a buffet is a lot more fresh, and you can customize the spice level. "

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"I've long wondered why Indian menus seem to be constructed in the most sprawling manner possible. They put forth a barrage of dish names largely unfamiliar to the Western lexicon, with barely a sentence fragment of description. It seems to me that the process is designed to generate a favourite dish that the diner returns to as much out of a sense of familiarity with the name as with the flavour. " 

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